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Behind The Lens


Thanks for your interest in our services!


The name is Gabe Bolar!! My last name is pronounced the same way you pronounce "BEAUXLAR". 



Still & motion photography has been a passion of mine since the first day my mother allowed me to use her disposable camera during a family gathering in the early 2000s. My father was also the one at gatherings with the huge camcorder on his shoulder filming everything he could on a single tape, just so we can push it in the VCR later on to watch. Growing up my 5 siblings and I would go thru photos at least once a week, laughing about what we were doing in a picture, reminiscing on how much we enjoyed ourselves, learning about relatives who passed before we were born, and even our newborn pictures!


To me still & motion photography is very important in life, it will strengthen your memory so those moments you experienced will never be forgotten simply because one picture can tell it all. Everyone feels uncontrollable joy when viewing a picture or video of themselves 10 or 20 years before now because it reminds you of where you started, your progression in life, and knowing you have something to document a specific time whether its with family, friends, or your toddler years that you barely remember.  Sometimes hearing the voice of a loved one that has passed can bring tears to ones eyes, allowing them to never forget that person's voice.

Even with music, you may snap a photo or video of your favorite musical artist or band, they do not need to autograph it all because that picture or video will go a long way! Often times musical artist need pictures for various occasions too, and they just might want your shot!

I now reside in Pensacola,Fl, I'm able to utilize the beautiful landscaping that surrounds this area and I LOVE IT!!

I enjoy working with couples, entrepreneurs, soon to be graduates, people celebrating birthdays, or accomplishments, music artists, as well as the youth!! There is nothing but importance in those categories!!


Gabe Bolar 

Head Photographer/Owner

My goal with Beauxlar Visual Photography is to bring the same happiness I feel when viewing a picture or video to my clients.

If you've started planning out your big wedding, or your child is a year old next week, or maybe you're preparing to walk across that stage for your 2nd degree next month, you and I both know there is no better way to STILL the moment!

So allow us to BE VISUAL for you!!! 


ATL - The W